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Helping struggling youth since 1978From humble beginnings to a forerunner in residential care…

From its genesis in 1978, Northwest Passage programming has centered on blending mental health treatment with teaching personal responsibility to troubled adolescents as a means of helping them find ways past life’s struggles.  Now, all these years later, the problems facing children and teens have changed, yet in some respects have stayed the same.  The challenges in families are greater and our world is more complex; but fundamental needs for self-respect, trust, relationships, and steady guidance remain the same.  And while Northwest Passage has grown in size and in sophistication, we’ve never lost sight of the foundations all children need to be successful, regardless of what struggle or challenge they face.


From professional to practical…

image4-e1338579875411-300x224Our treatment team is as sophisticated as they come, yet they never lose sight of the people they seek to help.  These professionals are highly skilled, but along with providing detailed clinical analysis and individually designed programming, they also always provide practical interventions and directly useful goals that help our clients and their families make the constructive daily choices that lead them down the path to a stronger and healthier life.

Northwest Passage has pioneered a treatment approach based on highly skilled multidisciplinary assessment that aids all treatment team members in targeting goals and interventions to meet the direct needs of each client.  Our professional team is completely committed to our clients and to providing a seamless web of professional support.  They work full time on our staff so that our clients receive consistent treatment and immediate care.


From helplessness to a renewed sense of hope…

With individual responsibility and caring relationships, we can all find hope.  Northwest Passage offers hope to those who have been unable to find it elsewhere by helping clients and their families look inside themselves and find those greatest pieces of inner strength that life’s troubles have hidden.

Our programs are designed to help children and teens who have felt their lives spin out of control regain their balance, reclaim their self-worth, and put their feet solidly on a path of change.  We work with our clients to help them set goals and use individual achievement as a springboard to future competence, happiness, and success.

At NWP, clients learn to make healthy choices and develop the life skills they need to maintain positive changes. We offer comprehensive and flexible treatment options to enhance the opportunity for success.


From confusion to clarity….

We recognize that mental health issues are complex and sometimes confusing.  At Northwest Passage, we help clients and their parents understand what they are facing.  We recognize that the most vital part of a child’s treatment plan is the child himself and that the strength clients get from knowing what needs changing is often the strength that helps them take the first steps toward change.

From problems to possibilities…

The continued success of our graduating clients is paramount to us.  Recognizing that the time spent at Northwest Passage is a means to a better life for our clients and their families, Northwest places a high priority on unique aftercare services we’ve designed to aid clients with a smooth transition back into their families and communities.

Our Aftercare Coordinators work directly with our clients and their families in the time leading up to discharge and continue working with them at no extra cost beyond discharge to ensure that they have immediate support, guidance, and resources to help them maintain success.